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What to Do When a Storm Damages Your House Insurance Claim Process

After you've Call Your Insurance Company

How do you respond when the weather causes damage to your house and the storm windows are damaged , but not damaged enough to warrant fixing or replacement. Prepare to give your insurer a written estimate on what work needs to be done and when the task will be completed. In the event of serious structural damage or anything was destroyed during the storm, your guarantee may not cover any expenses at this time It is possible that you will need consult with a manufacturer of storm-proof screens to request replacement, installation and storm cleanup.

Establish Deadlines for Repairs After You're aware of the Repairs covered by your insurance policy

Damage from severe weather can need extensive repairs, which could take several weeks, or possibly even months. To avoid stress for both parties be sure to set time frames. When windows are damaged as a result of severe weather, it is recommended to replace them as soon as possible. This reduces the inconvenience and make sure repairs can be made quickly during winter as windows may not be able to fit exactly as they do in the cold months. Many insurance companies will offer advice on what you should take in the event of a storm that causes damage to your house. They will also pay certified contractors who have the same experience. This helps ease stress and can prevent future troubles.

A lightning strike can cause fire. It is usually thought of as one of the most deadly of the types of storm-related damage because it's usually started by a direct strike caused by lightning. Thanks to advances in weather forecasting, and changes in our technological capabilities, lightning fatalities are decreasing in frequency, however in the event that it happens the odds are much higher that you'll be a victim of a house flame instead. In the event of a fire that is due to lightning may be quite difficult to get rid of regardless of the emergency procedures you have in place.